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Microsoft UK TechDays Special: The Future of Cloud Development

Today I attended a conference in London by Microsoft entitled ‘The Future of Cloud Development’ with the Keynote speaker being Steve Ballmer himself ( and followed by talks on Windows Phone 7, Windows Azure, Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9.

Paper Bag’s primary interest in this conference was around Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure which I briefly spoke about as part of my blog on BizSpark.

Steve Ballmer’s talk was honest and interesting.  He kicked off proceedings with no hopping or skipping but enthusiastically stating “There’s more opportunity than ever to write interesting software now than at any time I’ve been at Microsoft.  The cloud is about new applications, thinking about global problems and global people.  People want more intelligent clients, but tied to the power of the cloud.”

Steve get on to Windows Phone 7 by simply stating, “Phones, phones, phones, I love phones but we got ourselves in a bit of pickle but we are back with Windows Phone 7 and I believe we can compete with the big players ahead of us on this.”  He goes on to say, “We have taken a different approach in terms of user experience.  Rather than producing “a sea of icons” we bring all the relevant information to your home screen.  Unlike Google, if you write an app for Windows Phone 7, it will work on all Windows Phones.  WP7 offers incredible opportunities to make tons of money.”

Another notable things to mention is that during his Q&A sessions he said that the Windows Phone 7 will be out in two weeks.

Finally to wrap up here is some useful information for anyone interested in publishing Windows Phone 7 apps:

  • £67 + VAT for a developer subscription.
  • As part of the subscription you can upload an unlimited number of paid apps.
  • Up to 5 free apps can uploaded free of charge and there is an associated fee thereafter.
  • 70%/30% revenue Share.
  • The Marketplace Cloud Service allows you to host apps on a “Try before you buy” policy.
  • Microsoft absorbs credit card costs within its 30% cut for apps.
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